Poop Scooping Rates

Recurring Poop Scooping Service Rates:

Small Pen/Litter BoxSmall YardAverage YardLarge Yard
Twice Weekly$10$15$20$25+
Every other week$18$22$28$35+

Prices based on single dog. Additional dogs $2 each.

Bad Weather Policy: Occasionally bad weather can prevent us from effectively providing our service. Ongoing snowfall can cover waste, severely freezing temperatures can freeze waste to the ground, and extremely heavy rainfall can obscure vision as well as make it difficult to use proper shoe covers. When weather prevents us from scooping on a particular service day, we will make every effort to complete the service within the week. If it is not possible to complete the service, it will be skipped until the next service date. If a service is skipped, you will still be charged as there will be twice as much waste to collect on our next visit. In the highly unusual event that more than one service is skipped, you will not be charged beyond the first skipped service.