Fall Pet Care Tips



Fall is a great time to be a pet owner! Mild weather means more outside play time for you and your pet. But of course, there are some guidelines to remember as the leaves change…


Many animals are affected by seasonal allergies, and like in people, autumn can be a difficult season for those suffering. If you notice your pet scratching or licking, take note. Look for “hot spots” on the skin that may appear red or flaky and lose fur. If you notice hot spots or incessant scratching or licking, you may want to bring your pet to the vet.

Halloween Candy

Most halloween candy contains ingredients like chocolate that are harmful to dogs. Keep yours in a container with a lid or out of reach from your pet. And don’t forget to do the same when your kids come back from trick-or-treating! They might want to take stock or trade their spoils, but make sure they do so in a safe place and be sure the snacks are cleaned up.

Holiday Decor

String lights and other decorations are no longer limited to the winter holiday season. More elaborate decor has been more and more popular for Halloween and Thanksgiving. While these decorations are beautiful and festive, they can pose a danger to pets.

Ticks and Fleas

Don’t forget about these pests just because the weather is cooler. They are still out in full force. In fact they might be more prevent in the fall months, especially because your pet may spend more time outdoors. Keep up with your protection measures.


Fall is the time for these pests to take up residence in your home, so you may want to take measures to prevent or treat a rodent problem. Keep in mind that poison is dangerous and potentially fatal to pets. Use traps that do not use poison. On a similar note, make sure to keep your pet off the grass for the recommended amount of time if you have it treated.