Dogs for Adoption

These dogs are in desperate need of rescue, please contact us if interested and we will put you in touch with the organizations to contact for more information on adopting them.*

URGENT- Happy is a 12 yr old male neutered toy poodle just diagnosed with diabetes. Happy’s mom is a senior and feels she cannot take care of him any longer. Alpha Vet Care is looking for someone who would take
him into their rescue or someone who would want to adopt this special needs sweetie.  His senior mom wants to put him to sleep but the vet feels he has so much life and love to give and she is reaching out for help. Is there anyone who can help Happy? Up to date on vaccinations and is neutered. Newly Diabetic, Concurrent problems are the he has dental disease-moderate, a few warts, obesity grade 1 mpl (knee cap luxation, but stays in place all the time- I’m just able to push it out if I try- very minor). If someone can help this sweet boy please contact Dr. Victoria Scoog At 908-454-8384 at Alpha Vet Care in Alpha, NJ.


Lili is 1 year old and hse is smart, affectionate, and loves to cuddle under the covers. She does not like being crated or sharing food, but loves her squeeky toys! She needs a gentle home with someone who is home a lot. Contact Rosemarie at 973 865 6421 or
Amelia is a beautiful girl, with a brown brindle color, white chest, black spots and white paws, with personality to spare (she is everyone’s favorite!) and basic obedience. She is a 7 year old pit bull-plotthound mix who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She likes people more than toys and has plenty of energy. She is active and needs long walks or a fenced yard to run and play. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, chipped, housetrained, crate trained, and loves the car. She requires a home WITHOUT small children and would prefer to be the only dog. Contact Sharon\


*These animals are not under our care, nor are we a rescue or foster care provider.