Cats for Adoptions

Beautiful Cats up for Adoption From Pequannock Animal Shelter

LOW $25.00 adoption fee – every day for any shelter pets. All animals 6 months old are altered! All pets adopted from the Pequannock Animal Shelter also come with a certificate for a no cost check-up (valid for 30 days from the date of adoption), generously provided by Dr. Matthew Krupnick, Pequannock Animal Hospital.

Searching for the purrrfect pair? Opposites attract. Plum is a kitten, Rose is not. Plum is a black cat, Rose is not. Plum is friendly, Rose is shy. Plum came to the shelter as a stray, Rose came to us from a home. These two couldn’t seem more different, could they? What could they have in common? They both need some luck to find a forever home that will be patient and let them adjust at their own pace. This pair is an unlikely duo, but they are the best of friends,spending every minute together.



Looking for just one snuggle buddy? Skylar is a sweet adult, in need of a cuddly human and loving home.