PawsNClaws911- Pet First Aid Class Review

I recently had the opportunity to attend a pet first aid and CPR course led by PawsNClaws911 owner, Tom Rinelli. Tom teaches several pet first aid classes throughout New Jersey and Long Island. Tom has an impressive history in emergency medical care and utilizes his training to instruct both EMS professionals and, through PawsNClaws911, pet […]

Pet First Aid- Upcoming Class

Join me next saturday at the “Paws N Claws 911” pet first aid class.  Guardians of the Ribbon, a group supporting those battling cancer, is sponsoring a fundraising event “CPR & First Aid for you pets” on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad.  The class will be taught by PawsNCLaws911, […]

Product Review: Paww Secret Agent Leash

Even as a professional dog walker, I always thought a leash was just a leash.  Sure, there are your regular old 6 foot, single loop leashes and your extendable long leashes with the handle and button thing to fumble around with.  Those have always worked alright.  But I found something that is really the best […]

Tips for Winter Pet Care

Wow, the weather is getting cold fast! Time to think about some winter pet care tips. Keep your pets indoors Sure they have fur and might love the snow, but pets can be susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia just like people. They should be kept inside during the winter months. While it is okay to […]

Benefits of Dog Walking

Benefits of Dog Walking Exercise It is obvious that getting exercise is important for everyone, including your dog.  Regular exercise can improve and maintain your dogs cardiovascular fitness, strength and agility.  Regular exercise can also help keep your dog at a healthy weight.  Along with proper diet, exercise for weight control will decrease your pets […]